Why Picking the “Right” Utility Function Doesn’t Matter

Humans are motivated by pleasure and pain and by our emotions. In computer science and more specifically the subfield of artificial intelligence, a utility function is basically a mathematical encoding of motivation. Some people think that if we give true AI a utility function that favors us, then the AI will serve our needs and … Continue reading Why Picking the “Right” Utility Function Doesn’t Matter

Is Transhumanism Even Possible?

Some might think Transhumanism sounds like science fiction. Is it even possible? Should we consider it to be a threat? Let’s discuss a couple of ideas and ways of thinking about this more abstractly and theoretically to better project what is possible. Moore’s Law All the technologies (neural interfaces, mind uploading, superintelligence, etc.) and “progress” … Continue reading Is Transhumanism Even Possible?

What Brain Simulations Mean for Christians?

Let me start out by saying that I believe our personalities and who we are emotionally and intellectually are encoded in the connections of our brains. On the other hand, who we are spiritually transcends the brain. A soul is eternal whereas a brain will pass away. This post is about scientists understanding the brain … Continue reading What Brain Simulations Mean for Christians?

Transhumanism Brings Sin Full Circle

Transhumanism is a growing movement that wants to use technology to eliminate aging and to enhance our bodies and our intelligence as much as possible. The thinking has been in philosophy for centuries, but as well as I'm aware, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that people began to describe themselves at Transhumanists. Today, there is … Continue reading Transhumanism Brings Sin Full Circle