Transhumanism Brings Sin Full Circle

Transhumanism is a growing movement that wants to use technology to eliminate aging and to enhance our bodies and our intelligence as much as possible. The thinking has been in philosophy for centuries, but as well as I’m aware, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that people began to describe themselves at Transhumanists. Today, there is a Transhumanist political party in the United States. Although Transhumanism is not itself a religion, there are Transhumanist branches of existing religions such as Christianity. I will talk much more about Transhumanism in future posts.

What does it mean to bring sin full circle, and how does Transhumanism do this? To understand that, let’s look at the history of sin.

The first sin was the pride of Satan. He wanted to be like God, and so he was thrown out of Heaven. He wanted to be served and worshiped by others. Note this is the extreme opposite of Jesus Christ who came to serve and give his life for others. On the one end of the spectrum, we have Satan’s pride, and on the other end, we have Jesus’s humility.

The first human sin was the fall in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

Satan said to Eve:

“You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” – Genesis 3:4-5

Satan’s lies were that Eve will not die and that she will be like God. Note that to be like God is what Satan himself wanted – the first sin. When Eve saw how desirable the fruit was, she ate it, thus breaking God’s command.

These were the first sins, and every human has sinned since then, but what about the final sins of humanity? What if the last sins turn out to be the same as the first ones? This is what I mean when I talk about bringing sin full circle.

I believe Transhumanism does exactly that. The parallels between the first human sin and the goals of Transhumanism are simple but clear. Satan is once again telling us that we will not die and that we will be like God. Transhumanism aims to extend our lives without end and to maximize our own intelligence such that we would be like God (although Transhumanists will not necessarily talk about being like God if they don’t believe he exists).

Satan’s lies haven’t changed. Soon technology may become our forbidden fruit, and sin will come full circle. We are all sinners, but Jesus gave his life so that we could be forgiven if only we believe in him. In these coming decades, don’t be tricked by Satan into radical life extension and other body- and mind-enhancing technologies. Instead, give yourself to Jesus.

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